Watch out for this creep

Dark complexion male, about 5’10”.  Clean.  Dreadlocks.  Glasses.  Two-toned silver windbreaker.  White/silver pants.  Black and red backpack.  Takes photos up women’s skirts.  Frequents Fulton Street station above the A/C platform.


Here he is, probably scrolling through his camera feed of upskirt photos


Looking for his next victim to violate

If you’ve been victim to this creep and have pictures of him or a story to tell, email me at


3 thoughts on “Watch out for this creep

  1. I use this stop every day to go to school and I take the A/C. I live a block away and always exit out of the Fulton and William street exit when I come home. So I ride up that escalator every day. I’ve never had a contact with this man that I know of as I ride in the afternoons and evenings. But I’ll be on the lookout from now on. The pictures of him are from April, so the only problem is that he won’t likely be wearing the jacket any more. I’m a former police officer and I know my department would have handled this a lot differently, but I’m from Indiana and admittedly we deal with a much different crowd of people there. Not to defend their response of course. But it makes me wonder how the training I received and the training NYPD officers receive could be so different? I only left law enforcement to pursue a law degree. But I still feel an immense desire to help people. So if there’s anything I can do to help catch this guy, I’d like to help.


    1. Thanks for your response! Be careful at the station and I’m glad more people will have an eye out. I think at this point that’s the best thing we can do to help catch the Fulton Pervert!


  2. I take the subway from Fulton St station every day and so does my wife. If something like that happens to my wife NYPD will have to shoot me because I will rip off that waste of human life head off. Cameras not working??? what a joke of infrastructure we have in this slum city.


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