Phone tag

Got a call from an officer but we’re playing phone tag.  There are some updates on that end but I’m waiting to actually have a conversation with him before I make any conclusions.  I honestly have been trying to give the folks at the NYPD the benefit of the doubt.

I’ve perused some of the comments to the Gawker and Gothamist post.  Thanks to those who voiced their support and even more thanks to those who shared their stories of similar incidences.  It’s not pleasant to be violated — in public or private — and it can be hard to talk about these things.

Of course there are a few haters and there are people who ask why I didn’t do anything on my own — like kick him or chase him or make a scene.  I’m not sure why it’s not clear that this blog and the reporting that has followed because of it don’t count as “doing something” or “making a scene.”  I’m all about sustainable, systemic change within society and the police system, not just short term solutions that provide gratification for myself.


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