Refinery29 reached out to me. We did an email interview. Here it is.

They followed up with the NYPD and this is what they said: “She was not sexually assaulted. Someone lifted up her skirt and took pictures of her. That’s unlawful surveillance.”

I am well aware that it’s not sexual assault according to the NY Penal Code but this is a blog, not a law review article and since I still don’t have a copy of my report, I can’t be sure what category the sexual misconduct is so I have to call it what it felt like.

I have still yet to engage in a conversation with somebody from the NYPD. I have a feeling they’re not too fond of me right now but the longer they ignore me and not have a conversation with me about my police report and any possible investigation that will happen as to follow up as well as talk about what the hell went wrong yesterday (because trust, the officers themselves were apologetic about the dysfunction) the more I’m going to rattle the chains about this. 


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