9:30AM and I’ve just gotten into work.  I wore a dress today.  Ain’t no creeper going to shame me into wearing pants.

I still have not received a phone call or follow up email from any of the officers I dealt with yesterday.

On my way out of the subway I traveled my same route and felt like a crazy person, looking all around me in fear/hope (crazy mix of emotions) of seeing the perpetrator. Fear, because, well you know.  And hope because I want to catch this asshole.  I did not see him.  I was also discouraged to not see any officers inside the subway station.

When I exited the turnstiles, I saw one of yesterday’s officers and his partner standing by the turnstiles.  I approached him and said hello.  I also told him I haven’t heard from anybody yet.  He was incredulous and said he had told his partner to call me.

Nonetheless, he had my report number and gave it to me.  He explained that now that there’s a report number if I see the perpetrator again or if it happens again, I can go to an officer and give him my report number and they will arrest him.  He also said that they tried to pull surveillance footage but then said he didn’t know much about that because it was with his supervisors (with a bit of an eye roll).

Again, I want to emphasize that the officers have been very nice, but it’s just so clear that there is no training or supervision when it comes to these types of issues.  It also seems like on the supervisory level, they don’t care very much that women are being violated.

At the same time, I’m still upset that I’ve been the one who has had to pursue every step of this entire process.  I should not have to be suggesting to the officers what needs to be done and I should not have to do my own follow up in the very station where I was assaulted.

If it ever happens again (and I don’t really want it to), I am to tell an officer and give them my report number and they will arrest him.  That is only if the circumstances are what?  That this pervert hangs around after I’ve caught him filming up somebody’s skirt again?  Or that I tackle him and bring him to the officers again?  Obviously this guy will get away and simply being equipped with a police report number is not enough.  There should be a proactive effort for them to catch this guy.


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